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Options for Found Animals

How many of you have found a stray dog, cat, injured wild animal, or witnessed an animal being abused or neglected and did not know where to turn for help? Below are step by step instructions to help if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

FOUND ANIMAL – If you find an animal, first try to find its owner by:

1.Having it scanned for a micro-chip at the animal shelter or a veterinarian’s office.

2. Contacting our lost and found coordinator: darelostandfound@gmail.com

3. Contacting the animal shelter and veterinarian’s offices to leave your contact information and a description of the pet in case the owners are looking for it. CAUTION: To avoid any potential legal action, the best option is to take a found pet to the animal shelter to give the rightful owner an opportunity to find it. (Read more under #6, REMEMBER).

However, if you wish to find the owner yourself, leave certain information out of flyers and lost and found posts, such as distinguishing marks, gender, or whether the pet is spayed or neutered. This is to ensure that the pet is reunited with its rightful owner. NEVER give a pet to anyone who is unable to provide proof of ownership. For example, vet records that include the description of the pet, pictures, etc.

4. Hanging “found a pet” flyers and talking with neighbors.

5. Placing a “found” ad in the newspaper. It will run for 3 days free. Remember to take the same precaution as suggested in #3 above.

6. Leaving it at the animal shelter to give the owner the opportunity to find it.

REMEMBER: Animals left at the animal shelter are kept for five working days to give owners the chance to reclaim them.  After that time, they will either be put up for adoption, placed with a rescue, or sadly, euthanized.  Euthanasia is usually the last option. If you wish to adopt the pet after the 5-day stray hold, please be sure to tell a shelter representative. You will pay a $20 deposit to hold the pet (this is called "Hold for Finder"). The deposit will be applied towards the adoption fee after the hold is up.  The adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, leukemia/aids test for cats, heartworm test for dogs, 1st shots, deworming, and micro-chip.  If the pet is injured or sick, you may be required to pay for treatment in order to adopt.  To learn more about Lowndes County's Animal Shelter’s policies and procedures, please call 229-671-2760.

If you are unable to hold the pet, you can take it to the animal shelter or have an animal control officer come pick it up. If it is after hours, you can have an animal control officer dispatched by calling 229-245-5270. However, if you do not have the animal in your possession, an animal control officer may not come out after hours if the animal is running at large.

FINDING HOMES FOR STRAY ANIMALS - If you find a stray animal or rescue a mama cat with kittens, etc. and wish to find homes for these animals in need, please refer back to the home page and scroll down for the option: Re-homing Your Pet. This will give you options for finding good homes.

WILD ANIMAL – If you find a wild animal in need, you may call Libby Carroll at 229-269-7672 or the animal shelter at 229-671-2760 or the Department of Natural Resources.