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Open Letter to Fosters

Many dogs and cats in our community are living in less than desirable conditions. Some are on chains (without dog houses or regular food and water), some are abandoned or just left behind when their owners move, while others are neglected or abused. If we can rescue an animal from the community, we not only save that animal from a potential lifetime of misery and despair, but we also prevent it from possibly going to the animal shelter, which in turn reduces euthanasia rates and overcrowded conditions. In order for us to rescue these animals, we must have foster homes.

Several of our pets are in boarding situations, but we realize that boarding is not the answer. Not only are boarding costs detrimental to the financial stability of D.A.R.E., but more importantly, boarding can be detrimental to the emotional well-being of our pets. Some dogs may develop behavioral issues or become cage aggressive, while others experience depression and anxiety. A home is what every pet needs. Fosters provide a very valuable service, giving pets love and affection, socialization and training. 

Dog and Cat, Animal Rescue in Valdosta, GA

We provide our foster homes with the support they need to make their fostering experience as stress-free as possible. If a foster needs a baby gate, we provide it. If a foster needs a crate, we provide it. If a foster needs a bed for a foster pet, we provide it. All heartworm and flea preventative is provided, as well as all medical care. All dog fosters also will receive a free training class (accelerated) to learn dog behavior and basic training techniques. This is important because fostering is not just providing a place for a pet to live but also providing love, socialization and training. We believe that all of this in combination makes happier pets and more successful adoptions.

D.A.R.E. Animal Rescue has so many wonderful pets that need foster homes. We are very happy you are considering becoming a foster for one of our deserving pets. The success of any animal rescue organization is dependent on good, responsible foster parents. Fostering saves lives.

We hope you will click on the link about how to become a foster home for D.A.R.E. and complete the online application. Once you have completed the application, please send an email to dareanimalrescue@gmail.com. One of our volunteers will return your call and schedule a time for a meet and greet. 

Not only is it important that we make good adoption matches, but it is also important to make good foster matches. Every home is different, and what might be the perfect foster pet for one family may not be appropriate for another. At the home visit, we will review the application with you and discuss the type of pet that will be best suited for your home.
We look forward to hearing from you soon. A pet “in need” needs you. DARE to make a difference.

FOR D.A.R.E. Animal Rescue

Did You Know…
• That multiple licks from a puppy can cause uncontrollable giggling?
• That playing kittens can provide hours of fun and laughter?
• That stroking a pet can lower your blood pressure?
• That caring for an older pet will make you a better person?

If you have been thinking about adopting a pet but are not sure if you are ready for the lifelong commitment, why not try fostering? D.A.R.E. Animal Rescue covers all medical expenses. All you have to do is provide a temporary, loving home until a good, forever home can be found.

How To Become a Foster Home
Anyone wishing to provide a foster home must:
• Complete online application, or application can be mailed to you.
• Go through orientation as well as a dog behavior/training class provided for all dog fosters.
• Exhibit responsible pet ownership. If you own a pet, a veterinarian check will be completed to ensure that you are a responsible pet owner.
• Agree to a landlord check if you rent.
• Agree to an initial home inspection and bi-annual home inspections, as required by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. 
• Agree to sign foster contracts.
• Have enough time and space to adequately care for a pet. Dogs must have an adequate fenced area. However, exceptions are
made depending on the type of dog. D.A.R.E. pets must be kept primarily as inside pets.
• Train and socialize foster pet.
• Be able to take foster pet for veterinarian care as necessary. All expenses are covered by D.A.R.E.
• Agree to keep pet temporarily until a permanent home can be found.
• Agree to return phone calls of potential adopters once they have been screened and qualified to adopt by a pet screener.
• Agree to show foster pet to potential adopters.
• Agree to follow-up with, or provide assistance to, potential adopters.
• Agree to follow D.A.R.E. adoption procedures.
• Most importantly, agree to provide proper pet care, including fresh food and water daily, daily exercise and play time, and LOTS of love and

If you wish to start the process to become a D.A.R.E. foster home, please complete the online application or email us at dareanimalrescue@gmail.com to have an application mailed to you. Once the application has been completed, please email us to schedule a meet and greet.

Click Here to View the Foster Care Application