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Community Outreach

D.A.R.E. Animal Rescue believes that real change comes from education. With knowledge comes understanding. With understanding comes change. For this reason, we place a lot of importance on community outreach.
Through our community outreach program, D.A.R.E. volunteers meet with pet owners at their homes to offer suggestions, and give them the tools necessary, to improve the lives of their pets. This may include resources for low-cost spay/neuter opportunities, educational information about heartworm and flea preventative, basic pet care and training tips, etc.
When funding is available, D.A.R.E. provides dog houses for dogs without adequate shelter, stakes and tie-outs to give dogs on chains more freedom of movement, and hay to insulate dog houses. In some cases, owners may surrender pets that they can no longer care for properly

D.A.R.E. believes that a good outreach program directly impacts pets and their owners in a positive way, and ultimately reduces the chance of pets being taken to the animal shelter, and in some cases euthanized.  
To learn more about the outreach program and how you can help, please email us at:dareanimalrescue@gmail.com

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